Captain Logan - Mt Beppo Cold Case #3

The Finding of the Body

Next day Mr Cowper, Collison, and a party left the camp on another search. After going about a mile the surgeon smelt something very unpleasant. It proceeded from Capt. Logan’s horse lying dead in a small creek and covered over with boughs. There were marks of a horse at full gallop and of an attempt to jump the creek. From the way in which the horse was lying he could not have reached the other side. A broken spear lay on the opposite bank, and at his spot, says Lieut. Edwards, the blacks must certainly have closed upon him.

Seven or 10 yards from that bank the body was found in a shallow grave. The back of the head was beaten in with waddles. The body was taken up, put into blankets, and by stages brought to the Limestone and afterwards by water to the settlement

Capt. Logan’s Last Journey. Lieut. Edwards’s Report. By Dr. CUMRAE STEWART.