Frightened Horses

  Extract from a letter from David McConnel to his brother Fred, dated March 4th 1845.

Dear Fred,

…………Horse stock is strong at present, that is, we have as many as we want. ….Tom a chestnut horse bought from Balfour for ₤14-10/-5 year old is ready for use. Ginger a horse bought from Bow, saddle & bridle given in for ₤15, 5 year old, does a good deal of my work after cattle, & is a capital horse. He went 16 miles in less than an hour, after Balfour’s mares. I ran down a native dog with him the other day, which Wolf (McConnel’s dog) held, till I cut off his head with my sword. Dick (McConnel’s favourite horse) does the rest of my work. Prince is ridden by Mort.